Easter Review of Shopping Sites that Ship to CANADA~~~

I have been following several discount sites. However most good deals only applies to US and Canada always gets expensive shipping and duty. Only a few are my favorite ones I keep returning to them. BTW I love webs that offer Live Chat!


Urban Outfitters

  • Layout: easy to navigate. Enough filtering options.
  • Live Chat: YES
  • Collections: Their clothes were not quite my style and the   quality varies each time. But they have amazing shoe collections almost a quarter of my shoes come from them. I prefer to shop online because the store has limited styles and sizes.
  • Shipping and Return: They used to have $20 shipping cost to Canada but it did not stop me from purchasing from them. Now they have promotion for free shipping to Canada on purchase over $50.They ship by USPS which takes quite a long time over a week to arrive. I only returned once through mail but I did not open the box so the postage is free. But you could return to the store for free.
  • Customer Service: Great and responsible! I had instance that I asked a friend to return a bunch of things in US store but they only refund them as the sale price. (I payed full price) Then they offer to solve it as me mailing all receipts to that store and it is solved right after they received them.


  • Layout: easy to navigate. Great filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: I loved 2012 collection from Zara and I didn’t mind that they copy the high designed style and sell it for cheap. 😛 I personally prefer their dresses but you can always find something you like in every part of the store. Sometimes shopping in their store is a challenge you almost have to fight for deals. So the online store is quite a relief for me.
  • Shipping and Return: They just opened online shopping in March and offers free shipping over $50. They ship via UPS and it is delivered within a week. I preferred online shopping because the stores always has various stock on sizes.

Forever 21

  • Layout: easy to navigate. Enough filtering options.
  • Live Chat: YES
  • Collections: I made most of my purchase in the basic collections and jewelry. It is way easier to find stuff online than in store in terms of organization. Sometimes you can find very well made fashionable purses also. I feel the quality of their basic collections are way better than HM. I have many blazers from them and they fit great.
  • Shipping and Return: free over $60. $8 when under since 8 dollar you can almost get another shirt there… They only give return in form of store credit but that’s fine with me too.


  • Layout: easy to navigate. Great filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: This site is amazing for discount designer brands. They have amazing denim collection! You can find Cavalli Jeans for under $60 and Michael Kors silk dress for under $50!
  • Shipping and Return: They charge $15 for shipping on purchase under $200 ($20 for $200-$400) but most importantly, their price includes duty and tax! They offer free return and they ship you with a free return label. I didn’t get a chance to return anything yet but I am sure it is ok. They ship by UPS.


  • Layout: easy to navigate. Great filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: I love their design and quality of clothing. They normally have Star Price items which are quite popular.
  • Shipping and Return: They charge $10 for shipping under purchase of $150. I used to return in the store but now they closed both of the store here. They ship by DHL which I had SO MUCH PROBLEM with them!! They are most irresponsible carriers I have ever encountered. One time they didn’t even ring the buzzer or call but returned my package to sender and stated on the tracking status “receiver has refused the package”. But I ddin’t!

Victoria’s Secret

  • Layout: easy to navigate. Enough filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: They do have a unique style that emphasis on being sexy. I bought mostly sweaters and dresses from them.
  • Shipping and Return: Their shipping and tax charges to Canada are the main reasons stopping me from buying from them. Also I find their style doesn’t fit my wardrobe that much.


  • Layout: easy to navigate. Great filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: amazing collections on everything. I have bought bags, shoes, dresses and jewelry from them and loved the style.
  • Shipping and Return: Free shipping and takes forever to arrive. But the problem is duty. I got a coat from them for $120 and was charged $40 on duty. Anything under $25 is free of duty. Their express cost $15 but keep you out of hassle.
  • Customer Service: If you choose free shipping they basically have no control on the shipping process. Thus it is hard to blame them for the handling errors and delay. People has been complaining about the email custom service I am wondering if they could upgrade it to some other format.

Lands End

  • Layout: easy to navigate. Great filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: Mature casual style (not very high fashion). I only purchased a down jacket for $62 including shipping and tax it was great value. The jacket is very warm and lasted me the whole winter.
  • Shipping and Return: They ship by UPS and charges $6-$22 postage depends on how much you order. There is duty but equal or less than the provincial tax. (so you still only pay tax once)




  • Layout: easy to navigate. Great filtering options.
  • Live Chat: NO
  • Collections: I shop for more basic or classic style here. And I have stopped shopping in store because the website always offer better deal. I once liked a pair of shoes online for $34.99, I thought I could get it in store without waiting for delivery but in store they are $75 and they refuse to price match.
  • Shipping and Return: They ship by UPS and offer free shipping over $50. I make my return to store and they are very good with it.

Shoe Metro

  • Layout: I have a bit problem finding things there and the filtering thing sometimes doesn’t work on combination. I prefer to shop in their EBAY store – seller ID: apparelsave
  • Live Chat: They have great deals on upper brand of shoes sometimes designer ones. You really have to dig hard to find the gold. I got a pair of Coach heeled oxford for $160 including shipping.
  • Shipping and Return: They ship by USPS for Canada for $14.99 (additional item +4.99). But you would have to pay for the return shipping fees.

Little Burgundy



The Shoe Company

Skin Care + Make up


Derm Store

Sigma Beauty

Base Formula

the Best Dual


I have got the Clarisonic Plus brush for two years and I am very happy with this product. I began to use it with face washes however after tried once with the Shu Uemura cleansing oil I discovered the perfect combo. They are now my most reliable makeup removing routine.


Sam Edelman Petty Boots in Roccia


I tried to stay away from animal prints because I can look 10 years older in them (proved in leopard prints). Sam Edelman Pretty Boots are many fashion bloggers’ new love. I love their shape and fits but I felt I own enough suede boots, till I saw those ones on Urban Outfitters web. These are my first pair of snake pattern shoes and they can make your simple outfit very fashionable. I wear 6.5 in most brands and they fit true to size. Great with black leggings and blazers! I can see them go well with spring dress too.

My Four Recent Concealers


from left top to bottom:

1. Laura Mercier Undercover Pot

2. Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit

3. Clé de Peau Beauté Concealer

4. Dior Nudeskin Perfecting Hydrating Concealer

I have to say that despite the high price of the Clé de Peau Beauté, it is my all the time favorite for concealer. They only have four colors to choose from but the one I have blend into my skin so perfectly. It have amazing coverage but not dry nor greasy under the eyes. You can increase the coverage by simply layering more product.

Bobbi Brown one is a bit on the bright side. Sometimes when my dark circles are in the worse condition it makes them look even more obvious. Thus I prefer it when my skin is not too bad. It is paired with the illuminating powder I love as setting powder.

Laura Mercier one comes with a creamy eye concealer and a more matte texture face concealer. The face concealer is a bit too dry for under the eye thus I always use a layer on top of the creamy one. Coverage is good but it is easy to get fine lines after couple hours wearing. The powder coming with it is quite light and sets my whole make up well.

Dior one is very moisturizing but also has very shear coverage. I now use it with the LM face one since I ran out of the creamy one first. I wouldn’t recommend it to someone has serious dark circle problem as myself. Especially if you dark circle is in a blueish color.

I think I will stick with the CDP concealer even it is priced as much as a good serum but it works well and lasts long. I suggest purchase the illuminating powder from LM separately if you are looking for a good setting powder.

Mask Fest


Top row form left:

1. Base Formula Aloe Vera & Rose Hydrating Gel

2. Base Formula Aloe Vera & Seaweed Hydrating Gel

Middle row from left:

3. Origins Drink Up 10 Minutes Mask

4. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask

5. Dr. Brandt Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner

Bottom row from left:

6. Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleaning Mask

7. L’ Occitane Immortelle Cream Mask

I recently rely much more on mask for saving my skin from damage of my irregular sleeping schedule. First two Base Formula gels are pretty good for everyday hydrating use. I normally mix with natural pearl powder for purifying effect. The rose one smell heavenly good. The are very well priced and for Canadian customer you can purchase on their website: http://www.baseformula-us.com/

I am switching between 4,5,6 for pore cleaning and remove dead skin cells. They are all a bit irritating on but in the normal range for my sensitive skin. I just got Dr. Brandt one and tried 3 times. The result is visible. Rare clay I think works on both pore cleaning and removing dead skin. After using it my skin seems to absorb the serum way faster. Boscia one is fun to use cuz I am addicted to the peeling off process. But you would have to apply quite a thick layer to make it easier to peel.

I use 1,2,or 3. twice a week after cleansing mask for hydrating. I normally use 7 for sleeping mask during a nap. It has a rich cream texture for hydrating and firming. It might be a bit oily in summer and I can see someone might not like its smell. But other wise it works pretty well.

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